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  • Case Review

  • DIY Voice Scan Review (including guidance for 1st scan if needed)

  • Remedy & Protocol Selection for Symptoms & Conditions

  • Wellness Ensurance Program Selection

  • Credit fee toward your program of $157/mo or more

1:1 Consultation


  • Case Review

  • DIY Voice Scan Review (including guidance for 1st scan if needed)

  • Causal Chain Biofield Analysis including Voice Scan

  • Remedy & Protocol Program Design

  • Summary Report

  • Report of Findings

  • Wellness Ensurance Program Selection

  • Credit fee toward your program of $997/mo or more

You are an Immortal, Universal Being Having a Human Experience.

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Rae Luscombe

Co-founder, CEO

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Well known in the health field as the Wizard of Wellness, Dr. Glen's I.Q. once measured at somewhere above 186...

He graduated in 3 years with high honors from America's #1 rated undergraduate institution, Dartmouth College.

His major level courses included Math, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Earth Sciences, Biology, and Psychology.

Meanwhile, he engaged more than any other student in the programs of Dartmouth's non-profit Tucker Foundation, from a Catholic school in Jersey City to an all-Indian Job Corps center in Montana.

His concept for the Transformational Solution™ began with creating an AI tool that could effeciently bring his Clinical Theory™ of Everything and his model of Clinical Praxis™ in creating the Medicine of the Future for transforming healthcare.

His system of Accelerated Self Healing™ has produced documented reversal of countless irreversible conditions including blindness.




Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Ensurance™

Wellness Ensurance™ is for marketers, bloggers, content creators, and agencies who want to streamline their marketing and sales processes.

What is Wellness Ensurance™ and what does it do?

Wellness Ensurance™ is a proactive, precision application of Accelerated Self Healing™ for maximum optimization of health and wellness in every price range.

Who is Wellness Ensurance™ for?

Wellness Ensurance™ is for you if you want to be responsible for creating your future health and wellbeing, rather than waiting and betting that you will 'need' expensive, toxic, and damaging interventions. We teach you how to care for yourself and others.

How is Wellness Ensurance™ different from other health sytems?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique. We have spent 40 years perfecting our systems of Clinical Theory™ and Clinical Praxis™. We are dedicated to ending blindness and other forms of human suffering.

Will Wellness Ensurance™ be compatible with my other health plans?

Wellness Ensurance™ is always attending to your innate intelligence's healing priorities in real time. This means that the remedies that match your needs are always in the context of everything you are already doing.

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