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Insurance feeds on Uncertainty...

Ensurance breeds Assurance.

Wellness Ensurance™ supports Accelerated Self Healing™ at Home with Natural Therapies...

Guided by the innate intelligence of your spirit, your mind, and your body: the Minding Body™.


• We help people like you learn how to heal themselves and their loved ones naturally through our non-profit community, All Heal.

• We provide self healers like you with access to the resources you need to optimize Accelerate Self Healing™ no matter what your budget range.

• We provide Doctors with certification training in our systems of Clinical Theory™ and Clinical Praxis™.

Whether you are a doctor, a patient, or a self healer, you can apply now to join our system...

So we can all stop betting that we will need toxins and damage

And invest more of our life force in rapid restoration of health and function.


The best way to predict your future health is to create it.

- Dr. Glen Swartwout, the Wizard of Wellness


Health Insurance means you have no assurance about your ability to heal.

Medical Insurance keeps your future health in jeopardy.

Drugs and surgery are far from healing...

Drugs are at best the number 3 cause of death.

Americans take more drugs than any other people, and we are far from the healthiest...

Wellness Ensurance™ is the opposite:

We are sure that when we show you how to listen to the wisdom of your self healing Minding Body™,

You can heal anything: That's why our non-profit arm is called All Heal.

Our mission is to help you heal yourself,

Because we realize that you are the only one who can.

The goal is not just to eliminate illness, but to restore wellness.

Wellness is a state of reduced susceptibility to disease, but also a state of restored and even enhanced function.

You are made by nature to heal with nature.

That includes nature's cornucopia of phytonutrients, as well as the quantum energetic spectrum of resonant frequencies, and the meaningful biocommunication that those signals carry.

We are inundated with over 70,000 chemicals that never existed before in our genetic history.

Natures healing signals are overwhelmed by more than a quadrillion times the man-made EMF signals we were exposed to just a decade ago.

All of modern life's sometimes overwhelming stresses require additional specific natural resources to overcome.

When all of the needed resources are present to optimize progress on the Minding Body's intelligent healing activities,

A year of damage, including the effects of aging and degeneration can be reverse in a single month.

Our lives have become nature deficient.

We solved that by developing the most comprehensive, cleanest and most concentrated remedies:

Functional Formulations™

And bringing you the most efficient and effective healing tools that you can implement in your own home healing oasis.

After all, the best place to be to heal yourself is in the comfort of your own home.


Wellness Ensurance™

The Allopathic Medical Monopoly and the 'Health' Insurance Industry were established by Big Pharma to profit from drug sales, the most lucrative industry in the world.

Americans spend over $14,000 on Doctors, Drugs, Hospitals, and Surgery per Person every year, and we keep getting sicker...

Discover how Accelerated Self Healing™ maintains and even restores your health... 

In one month, you can reverse a year of aging and degeneration naturally, without leaving home.

We'll show you how.

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Insurance, like conventional Medicine, does not exist to heal you. Metformin is among the 1/3 of drugs made from a botanical source, in this case French Lilac, so it actually has some healing properties.

Unfortunately, it was recently discovered that the drug also contains a carcinogen that is not supposed to be there. Conventional cancer treatments bring in the big money that is essential to sustain the medical system.

The only government approved treatments are surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, all of which are known carcinogens, making cancer more deadly by increasing cancer stem cells 36 fold. The resulting 5-year survival rate is 2%. While most oncologists won't submit themselves or their family to these tortures, their job is to sell them to you...

By avoiding all of these excruciating treatments and instead gently healing the underlying triggers, German New Medicine methods have documented 80 to 90% 5 year survival, with most of the subjects being in full remission.

Our mission with Wellness Ensurance is to make that kind of difference in your quality of life and longevity with the best natural therapies from around the world.

Community Support 

Share your challenges and your progress with your wellness community.

Ask questions and get guidance from your peers, coaches, consultants, and mentors.

Free Classes

Participate in dynamic online learning with videos, transcripts, discussion, and Q&A.

Access all courses and communications with a simple keyword search.

Open Office Hours

  • Mondays at 7 PM Eastern Time

    6 PM Central; 5 PM Pacific


    Watch for more access as we grow together and ask for an interactive presentation for your community.

  • Welcome to the Future of Wellness...

    Proactive Healing Works with Your Body's Intelligence...

    We identify your body's priorities for healing, and your energetic preference for natural remedies.

    • Biofield Analysis™ interprets your body's functional energetic responses and biocommunication signals to find Energetically Correct™ remedies for you.

    • By supporting and balancing all of the active healing priorities at the same time, your body becomes a Coherence Zone™ in which Accelerated Self Healing™ proceeds faster than most degenerative processes. 


    Primary prevention is achieved by restoring radiant wellbeing, which radically reduces susceptibility.


    Intensive levels of care can restore functions 12 times faster than they were being lost.


    Quality of life can be improved, whatever the starting point...

    Wellness Care That Works...

    Nourishing and stimulating function is not identical with trying to control or manage symptoms of dysfunction.

    We seek to support and stimulate the body's intelligent cleansing and regenerative processes and let the body heal itself.

    Your Quality of Life is Our Highest Value

    Symptoms are not an enemy to be destroyed... They are signals from your biological intelligence that are rich with meaning, clues and feedback about your healing progress. Work with your body, not against it for better outcomes, increased longevity, and a better quality of life along the way... 

    Clinical Theory™

    The Clinical Theory of Everything explains who we are and why we are here. It makes sense out of life, consciousness and the healing process.

    Clinical Praxis™

    You are ultimately your own healer. We are here to interpret, guide, train and support you every step of the way. We help you restore lost functions and get your life back...

    Functional Formulations™

    Energetically Correct™ natural remedies and healing technologies are selected specifically for your unique and changing needs. You implement them in the sanctuary of your own home, which is the best place for healing.

    Accelerated Self Healing ™

    Your body is always healing. When that healing process is accelerated by being supported to work coherently, the healing can work faster than the former degenerative processes. 

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