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Access the Power of Accelerated Self Healing™

With Our Precision Remedy Match™ Process

Elevate Your Whole Being with Energetically Correct™ Wellness Ensurance™

The Missing Link... The Medicine of the Future... The Transformational Solution™ You Need.

When you supply the exact ingredients your body needs

to complete the healing activities it is already committed to, 

You enter a state of coherence and grace where you regain the healing superpowers of youth...

Transform Your Health Journey with Wellness Ensurance™

If you are concerned about the future health of your Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wellness Ensurance™ has the answers that make sense right now, save dollars on disease management, and make a difference, fast.

  • Finally a complete Theory of Everything that works...

  • Energetically Correct™ Remedy Match™ Services

  • Realtime Results reversing a year of damage in one month

Our Customers Say it Best

Alyssa Fukushima - Client

"I’ve been absolutely fascinated every single time I get the results because I would say 100% of the time, every single thing that comes up in terms of priority areas I need to focus on are also areas that I’m personally working on...

...I’ve noticed, and my therapist has noticed as well just how fast I’ve been able to make breakthroughs."

Dr. Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. - Referring Doctor

"I am so, so thankful we're really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue: 

• Low tension glaucoma patient seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also 

• Assistance with seeing lens clarity improving nicely and

• Overall just general health improvement."

Accelerate Self Healing™ with Wellness Ensurance™

Reverse a Year of Degeneration in One Month...

Meet a few of the 150+ formulations responsible for our Clinical Breakthroughs™

Brain Healing Remedies

Brain Boost

A broad spectrum of nootropic support, including stimulation to boost color vision. Two thirds of all the nerve current to the brain comes from the retina.


Repair the myelin sheath. Myelin is made from phytoceramides, a key nutrient lost in processing and filtering of oils.


This is an oil change for your eyes and brain. Whole algae oil supplies DHA from the base of the food chain so it is clean. That allows us to use the whole oil, including phytoceramides.

Body Healing Remedies

Heart Health

This is our remedy for the whole heart. But don't worry, we have another one specific for heart rhythm issues, too...


Inhibit the growth of new, leaky blood vessels in situations like Wet AMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, or Cancer.

Glucose Tolerance

Sugar regulation is a very important function. About one third of all aging and degeneration is related to glycation. Take this preventively, or when you have cravings or imbalances.

Liver Support

The liver is most active from 1 to 3 AM, so the best time to take this is with dinner.


Chelation is best pulsed on and off... Whenever you feel some discomfort in your low back, take a day or two off this formula until it feels back to normal.

Blood Cleanse

Increase circulation to 'flush the pipes' without triggering an uncomfortable flush reaction.

B17 Syntropy

The discoverers of Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) concluded that cancer represents a deficiency of this vitamin. Our formula includes all the synergists to go with it.

Vitamin C Syntropy

This one should be called "The Complete Intracellular Antioxidant System," but that's a bit long winded for the title. Subtitle it is... Syntropy is what drives living systems to heal... It's the opposite of entropy, disorder, disease, and degeneration.

Spike Shield

Get all the synergists for clearing out the toxic spike proteins all in one place.

Sleep Remedies

Brain Cleanse

This supplies enough Melatonin to ensure that the glymph drainage channels in your brain open up for detoxification while you sleep. And you'll sleep better, too...

Sleep Synergy

When you wake up during the night and need help going back to sleep, Sleep Synergy is what you want handy on your nightstand.

Red Nightlights

We supply our Biocompatible Nightlights so you can avoid blue and white light at night. We designed our Therapeutic Nightlights to energize eye and skin cells.

Stress Remedies

Stress Release

This is a potent botanical/nutritional complement to the Emotional Stress Relief (ESR) Infoceutical from NES.

Nous Energy

People are amazed when they take this remedy that supplies Spirit Minerals to feed the conscious body. These are also known as ORMUS, and monatomic minerals in modern alchemy...


If you don't want to swallow this vegicap, you can open it and make a lovely, relaxing blue-green drink for yourself. Skip the caffeine... Sure, it feels good, like shopping with a credit card. The bills come afterward.

Longevity Remedies


This formula boosts mitochondrial energy production to promote increased longevity and quality of life.

Sanctuary C60

The spherical 60-Carbon molecule Buckminsterfullerene was found to nearly double longevity in animal studies. We supply it in a carrier oil that is said to "cure anything but death..."

Reverse AGE

This formula supports prevention and reversal of Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE). This is a brilliant acronym for the compounds responsible for about 1/3 of aging.

Tissue Repair Remedies

Clear the Way

Dissolve scar tissue. Just be sure to wait until the wound is healed before you start. People often see visible changes within a week.

Fibrolysis Factors

Dissolve fibroid deposits in internal organs and tissues including the uterus and breast.


This natural formula helps repair damaged tissues, but it has a common side effect: You feel great!

Gut Remedies


Experience a high potency, broad spectrum Microbiome supplement with 27 species. Take a little out of the capsule for sinus, mouth, throat and respiratory tissues...

Terrain Restore

A squirt of this mild tasting liquid before each meal corrects leaky gut issues. Cascading effects after that seal the endothelial lining of every blood vessel, reducing systemic inflammation. The kidney tubules and the blood-brain barrier are also healed.

GI Repair

Combine all the best natural therapies for ulcers and the bacteria associated with them (Helicobacter pylori) all in one amazing synergistic formulation.


Bind the full range of toxins in the gut. Break the cycle of toxicity between the gut and liver.  Be sure to take extra water with it, and stop for a while if you get constipated.

Fiber Cleanse

Improve bowel function and health with our favorite healing and cleansing fiber in the world. Take extra water with it, of course.


This is like Fiber Cleanse, but modified for those with sluggish bowels. Do I need to remind you that you need extra water with it? And be sure to start learning all you can about Living Water!

GERD Guard

Whether you take this before a meal, or even after you feel a reaction, it's an amazing formula.


Digestive enzyme and Stomach Acid support can produce dependency after a couple of weeks. That's why we add herbs that also stimulate digestive juices...

Candida Cleanse

This is our gentle on-ramp for taking out candida and other fungi. Did I mention it is gentle? Yes, and once you tolerate this well, you can graduate to our Fungifuge.

Immune Remedies

Immune Modulation

Immune Modulation refers to the process of strengthening, balancing and harmonizing immune function, so it becomes stronger against infection, and less prone to produce damaging chronic inflammation.


There are two herbal therapies which are documented effective in Migraine... Which therapy to choose? Choose both! Combine the two best natural therapies for Migraine, along with additional synergists.

Lymph Flow

Liquify the lymph when it gets congested... And don't forget to drink water, and do some gentle health bouncing on a soft-bounce rebounder if you can.

Spleen Support

You might not think of your spleen very often, but it has some important jobs. Energetically, it keeps things in their proper shape!

Shields Up

This is our go-to formula for Colds and Flus. You'll want to have it in your medicine chest when the next time comes. Don't fear a fever... It is your primary prevention against cancer and other degenerative processes.


Parasite Cleanses can be a bit stressful. This one isn't. It's smooth as silk. They get the message and leave. It's so nice not to have to experience something dying inside of you! Seriously...

Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Ensurance™

What is Wellness Ensurance™ and what does it do?

Wellness Ensurance™ is the opposite of Medical Insurance. It is primarily proactive rather than reactive. It treats causes rather than the effects we call diseases. It work with your body's innate healing intelligence, rather than suppressing it.

Who is Wellness Ensurance™ for?

Wellness Ensurance™ is for you if you want to minimize or avoid drugs, surgery, hospitals, and invasive treatments. It's for you if you believe you are made to heal yourself naturally.

How does Wellness Ensurance™ differ from other healing programs?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it restores your optimal healing capacity, like when you were younger. That we you can heal faster than you are taking on damage...

Will Wellness Ensurance interfere with my other health activities?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it provides precision individual guidance in real time based on all of the other factors affecting you. In contrast, imaging the hubris in corporate and government circles which allow novel toxins into the market with zero research on interactions with other drugs, all of which have never existed in our genetic history... Hmm... Something seem fishy to you? No wonder 'properly' taken drugs are at least the number 3 direct cause of death.

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