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Access the Power of Accelerated Self Healing™

With Our Precision Remedy Match™ Process

Elevate Your Whole Being with Energetically Correct™ Wellness Ensurance™

The Missing Link... The Medicine of the Future... The Transformational Solution™ You Need.

When you supply the exact ingredients your body needs

to complete the healing activities it is already committed to, 

You enter a state of coherence and grace where you regain the healing superpowers of youth...

Transform Your Health Journey with Wellness Ensurance™

If you are concerned about the future health of your Body, Mind, and Spirit, Wellness Ensurance™ has the answers that make sense right now, save dollars on disease management, and make a difference, fast.

  • Finally a complete Theory of Everything that works...

  • Energetically Correct™ Remedy Match™ Services

  • Realtime Results reversing a year of damage in one month

Accelerate Self Healing™

Don't Wait for the next Health Crisis...

Start experiencing Clinical Breakthroughs™ with the Medicine of the Future:


Done For You Remote Healing

CoRe Inergetix is the most reproducible non-local system for healing with Consciousness and Information.

It identifies energetic resonances in an international database which includes our Functional Formulations™.

It also provide remote healing with automated scalar biocommunication communications allowing us to offer this service at a remarkably low investment.


Scalar energy is how consciousness and even gravity works in our Clinical Theory™ of Everything...

Time and space are no barrier for consciousness and other healing functions in the realm of the spirit.

This brilliant technology was developed by another one of our mentors, German Biofield expert Dr. Kiran Schmidt.

NES Health™

A 10 Second Lab Test by Phone

Pioneering Australian Acupuncturist, Peter Fraser was trained in England and went on to establish the first University based TCM program in Australia.

He learned and was fascinated by the Vegatest Method in the mid-80s at the same time I was. He spent 30 years researching the body's energetic connections that went into creating his WellNES system at Nutrienergetic Systems based in London.

Infoceuticals are structured water that you stir into a small glass of water. 

They carry specific biologically active information imprinted with high energy photons and high energy electric fields.

Tissue culture research at the University of California at San Diego has documented how Infoceuticals effect profound changes in cellular functions including reduced Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), increased mitochondrial biogenesis, and increased viral protection within a few days.

We'll also teach you how to interpret your Voice Scans to know what Functional Formulations™ are a Remedy Match™ for you each time you test yourself.

We give you Lifetime access to these Bioenergetic Wellness Scans and training on how to use them. This would normally cost about $200 a month.

With an upgrade to our Level 2 Wellness Ensurance™ plan, we'll also include your top pick of the recommended Infoceuticals and the matching Functional Formulations™ each month.

And even if this plan that costs only about $2 a day is currently beyond your budget, you can easily afford it by referring a few people.

Precision Customization with ZYTO Elite Biofield Analysis™

Remedies that Match Your Life

American innovator, Dr. Vaughn Cook, O.M.D., developed the ZYTO testing system and EVOX vocal frequency biofeedback.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Dr. Cook back in the 1980s.

We integrate his wellness platform beginning at Wellness Ensurance Level 4, where members in the States get a monthly Minding Body™ remedy in a Terain Restore base, along with personal healing affirmations for the month.

We've developed our Biofield Analysis™ software for precision customization of your Remedy Match™ process on the ZYTO Elite platform.

A basic Level 1 Biofield Analysis™ scan is included in Wellness Ensurance Level 5, and you automatically access increasing levels with further upgrades up to a full Level 4 Biofield Analysis™ at Wellness Ensurance Level 8.

You can even access these levels simply by referring others to our healing system.

Our highest level Wellness Ensurance plans at Levels 10 and above automatically include access to done-with-you EVOX Perception Reframing sessions as well.

Everyone can benefit by completing a once-in-a-lifetime Transgenerational Perception Reframing process to clear inherited epigenetic patterns related to familial disease constellations.

Most people can complete Transgenererational process in about 3 months.

Preparation for this process requires clearing your current life stress patterns until the system identifies that you are ready to release the inherited epigenetic patterns.

Everyone can benefit by completing a once-in-a-lifetime Transgenerational Perception Reframing process to clear inherited epigenetic patterns related to familial disease constellations.

Revolutionary Results

Experience the

Medicine of the Future

Our methods of Clinical Praxis™ are founded on our Clinical Theory™. One of the revolutionary medical systems that started this revolution for us was the European Biological Medicine system called Bioelectronics of Vincent. BEV is known as the "Medicine of the Future." Why? Because of its powerful predictive power. It is the system that saved my life 40 years ago. And it prevented me from going blind... Since then I have kept learning and integrating from the leading systems of functional medicine around the world. 

You are made to heal yourself. We are here to show you how to do it faster, easier, and with better results than any textbook suggests is possible. We've been doing it for 40 years for tens of thousands of people like you. And now is the time when so many folks like you are realizing a need. You are looking for answers. Come join us and experience a brighter future.

Heal at Home

The best place for healing is your home. One in three who go to hospital come out with a new disease. And only one of three are treated for a condition they have.

High Tech with Heart

We've developed systems based on our Clinical Theory™. We use a leading American system that tests remotely, and we save you the cost of hardware and appointments.

Frequency Biofeedback

For more advanced work you'll need the hardware and a computer at your end, but the results are so worth it. Clear the epigenetic patterns that run in your family...

Healing Power Tools

We'll recommend the best healing tools for your situation that you can implement at home. Save on trips to clinics, and access world class healing every day.

Unleash a New Level of Understanding of Healing the Body-Mind-Spirit.

Healing is Time Travel

You carry burdens from your past, and even your family history. Clear these achnors dragging on your health. Healing the past involves retracing, where you revisit old issues and symptoms to finally clear them up for good.

Turn off Disease Genes

Switch on your healthy genes. Even conditions considered 100% genetic are modifiable through epigenetics. Turn off the disease genes. If you can do things like drinking water and speaking, you can do this!

Symptoms are Healing

While minimizing human suffering, our mission is to transform our understanding of symptoms. Instead of suppressing the healing process, support it to get the job done easier, better and faster.

Learn to Navigate Terrains

There are 5 terrains of health and disease. We call them the Five Phases. Diseases can only manifest in narrow ranges of terrain, so when you transform the terrain, you transform your healing.

First and Only Do Good!

Doctors promise to "First Do No Harm." It's a sacred oath... except they may not believe anything is sacred, like their soul. Learn to choose proactive, natural therapies that support healing instead.


Regulation is what we call your response to well selected healing interventions. Healing your regulation over time is essential to your recovery of your health sovereignty.

Our Customers Say it Best

Alyssa Fukushima - Client

"I’ve been absolutely fascinated every single time I get the results because I would say 100% of the time, every single thing that comes up in terms of priority areas I need to focus on are also areas that I’m personally working on...

...I’ve noticed, and my therapist has noticed as well just how fast I’ve been able to make breakthroughs."

Dr. Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. - Referring Doctor

"I am so, so thankful we're really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue: 

• Low tension glaucoma patient seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also 

• Assistance with seeing lens clarity improving nicely and

• Overall just general health improvement."

Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Ensurance™

What is Wellness Ensurance™ and what does it do?

Wellness Ensurance™ is the opposite of Medical Insurance. It is primarily proactive rather than reactive. It treats causes rather than the effects we call diseases. It work with your body's innate healing intelligence, rather than suppressing it.

Who is Wellness Ensurance™ for?

Wellness Ensurance™ is for you if you want to minimize or avoid drugs, surgery, hospitals, and invasive treatments. It's for you if you believe you are made to heal yourself naturally.

How does Wellness Ensurance™ differ from other healing programs?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it restores your optimal healing capacity, like when you were younger. That we you can heal faster than you are taking on damage...

Will Wellness Ensurance interfere with my other health activities?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it provides precision individual guidance in real time based on all of the other factors affecting you. In contrast, imaging the hubris in corporate and government circles which allow novel toxins into the market with zero research on interactions with other drugs, all of which have never existed in our genetic history... Hmm... Something seem fishy to you? No wonder 'properly' taken drugs are at least the number 3 direct cause of death.

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