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Access the Power of Accelerated Self Healing™

With Our Precision Remedy Match™ Process

Elevate Your Whole Being with Energetically Correct™ Wellness Ensurance™

The Missing Link... The Medicine of the Future... The Transformational Solution™ You Need.

When you supply the exact ingredients your body needs

to complete the healing activities it is already committed to, 

You enter a state of coherence and grace where you regain the healing superpowers of youth...

Our Customers Say it Best

Alyssa Fukushima - Client

"I’ve been absolutely fascinated every single time I get the results because I would say 100% of the time, every single thing that comes up in terms of priority areas I need to focus on are also areas that I’m personally working on...

...I’ve noticed, and my therapist has noticed as well just how fast I’ve been able to make breakthroughs."

Dr. Todd Wylie, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. - Referring Doctor

"I am so, so thankful we're really seeing some encouraging results with actual healing of tissue: 

• Low tension glaucoma patient seeing documented recovery of some visual fields and also 

• Assistance with seeing lens clarity improving nicely and

• Overall just general health improvement."

The Perfect Plan for Your Future Health

Invest Where You Live: What's the Value of Your Health Compared to Your Home?

Imagine the value of major renovations and repairs...

Maintain the home you can't replace: Your Bio-Bodysuit...

 Start Reversing Aging & Degeneration at home:

 Automated Biofield Analysis™ with Community Coaching Support


Biofield Analysis™ Level 1

• At the most basic level of analysis you will be focused on correcting the most major imbalances on the most important dimensions of health.


Biofield Analysis™

Level 1: The Basics


USD per month

Annual Plan: $1,507 Saves 20%

Payments as low as $31/mo

  • Community Access

  • DIY Voice Scans

  • DFY Biofield Analysis™ Level 1

  • Email Report

  • Top Remedy Included

  • Free Shipping Monthly

  • Referral Tracking

  • Referral Credits

  • Use Funds to Upgrade

  • Unlimited Interactions

  • Unlimited Questions

  • Access to Tools

  • Access to All Services

  • Access to Remedies

  • Use Knowledgebase

  • AI Chat Support

  • Video Support

  • Article Support

  • Human Support


Understanding Our Affilate & Practitioner Referral Programs:


Upgrade Your Health

Keep the energy in the community so everyone benefits more...


We all benefit by sharing our experiences. Search by keyword...

Continual Improvement

We understand "perfect" as a verb. It applies to your healing, and to our continual research & development.


All of our services are available to our members, either as part of a plan, or a la carte.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Ensurance™

What is Wellness Ensurance™ and what does it do?

Wellness Ensurance™ is the opposite of Medical Insurance. It is primarily proactive rather than reactive. It treats causes rather than the effects we call diseases. It work with your body's innate healing intelligence, rather than suppressing it.

Who is Wellness Ensurance™ for?

Wellness Ensurance™ is for you if you want to minimize or avoid drugs, surgery, hospitals, and invasive treatments. It's for you if you believe you are made to heal yourself naturally.

How does Wellness Ensurance™ differ from other healing programs?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it restores your optimal healing capacity, like when you were younger. That we you can heal faster than you are taking on damage...

Will Wellness Ensurance interfere with my other health activities?

Wellness Ensurance™ is unique in that it provides precision individual guidance in real time based on all of the other factors affecting you. In contrast, imaging the hubris in corporate and government circles which allow novel toxins into the market with zero research on interactions with other drugs, all of which have never existed in our genetic history... Hmm... Something seem fishy to you? No wonder 'properly' taken drugs are at least the number 3 direct cause of death.

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